Weekend Loading…

The week finally ended! I cannot believe how this week ended so fast. If felt like if it was just yesterday that I was rushing just to finish up a lab report to turn in to my professor lol! Anyways how are you guys? You know I have so many thing to tell ya’ll because despite of the busy week I still managed to have a little fun in between.

Yesterday was a day to relax due to so many projects going on with my classes, and the university that I am in was nice enough to organize an event which the theme was HawaiiI totally loved it! As some of you guys may already know my addiction to cake-pops, I was so lucky that they had so many at the event! Besides that, they had grilled chicken with piña coladapineapple, pineapple pizza, some bomb chicken nuggets, and much more!

The day before yesterday, they had bought in a petting zoo so that the students will be able to relax, and take their mind off exams! I know my school is literally the coolest one ever lol! I love how we always have events. From bagel day to giving out free food, there is always an adventure walking into the university. There can never be a day that you will be bored because even if it is studying you will always find something to do.


Even though today is Friday, I am dreading the fact that I have homework due by midnight and I need to study for an exam that will be given by Monday. However, I am trying my best to get some “ME TIME” before doing all of this because I honestly need it. I am thinking of doing my nails and showing you guys the wraps that I am selling in Jamberry, but I will give out more details later once I put up the blog when I am done polishing up.

Another thing that has been on mind is YouTube because I am slacking again! I know shame on me, but keeping everything in balance is tough sometimes especially with school. I am trying to make a good schedule so everything can work out fine. Plus, my partner in crime and I have so many ideas on what to show on YouTube, and it all involves being in the kitchen cooking up something new.

Anyways enough about my week, I would love to know how your week was so far!

I know that sometimes the day goes by so fast that we do not even notice it. Sometimes it is so hard to even think how time just passes by, and we still feel like if there are not enough hours during the day to accomplish a task. I feel that we all take things to “fast-paced” that we forget to stop, and just enjoy our life for a bit. Feel free to ask me anything and if you need advice in any topic remember that I am just….one click….away.

~Michele Carvajal 

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