Oh Monday!

Monday started off good! My classes are finally picked out for next semester meaning I will be done by Spring of 2018! I cannot believe that I am so close to graduation, and about to complete my goal. It feels like yesterday as if I just started to decide what major I was going to pick. It was long, hard, but a slow working process. Instead of feeling so overwhelmed with the future classes I will have to take I feel excited! I remember when my dad took me by the hand, and he told me to not fear because God was with me.

I faced so many obstacles, and I also took a year off because I had done my associates degree. Now that I am almost done with my bachelors I feel like my dream is right there! I still have to continue studying though because even though I am done with the first part I still have a long way to go. Later, I will write about what I am studying, and I know that many of you in the field will understand where I am coming from.  I will also talk more about my journey as graduation is gets closer.



This week I will start writing about how to eat healthy, how to get fit, symptoms of getting sick, and you guys will be with me on my journey to weight loss. Due to school and work, I never have time to work-out which I am just eating like there is no tomorrow, but it’s also due to stress. Maybe some of you will be able to identify with my story, and go along this journey with me.

download (2).png


Well besides this, I also want to remind you about the offer of Jamberry! The nail wraps are amazing and they last up to 2 weeks or even more with no chip! Click here: Exciting News: Nails to see my mission that also all of you will be involved, and shows the link to shop! You girls will love it, and men if you need to buy something last minute for your girl or mom make sure you get them the gift card from Jamberry! Remember that with this all of you will be able to change lives one manicure at a time!



Before I forget, I want to leave you guys with a little motivation. For students out there, I know it must be hard to study because you just want to reach your goal asap! But let me tell you this: all those tears, sleepless nights, and not going out will be GOLD for you later! This is because good things come to those who WORK! Be patient, keep studying, never give up, if you fall get back up, and never stop believing on your capabilities because at the end of the day, not only God, but also your future is in your hands. God gives you the easy way out, but also there is a hard way out yet that hard way is the most valuable one. Trust me when I say I am a living proof of what it is to almost fail, and at the end trying my best to win! Keep in mind that failure should not stop you from your goal. Learn from it, grow from it, keep going, and keep in mind that there are people out there who failed but now they are professionals. If they can do it so can you!

With this being said, I hope your day goes well and may blessings pour down in each and every one of your lives. If you need advice in any topic remember that I am just….one….click….away. Love ya’ll and God bless!


~Michele Carvajal

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